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Thanks for contributing for a wonderful season

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Welcome New and Returning Referees
for the 2013 Season!

Thank you for your interest in officiating St. Alban soccer this fall, and for your continued support of soccer in West St. Louis County. Your participation enables 22 faith based organizatons in our West County CYC District to enjoy everything this sport has to offer.....that equates to about 300 teams, 500 coaches/assistants, and nearly 6000 players.



2013 CYC Rule Book

Who can be a referee for the 2013 season?

  • Anyone going into 7th grade or older this fall is eligible to referee for the St. Alban Training League.
  • Anyone going into 8th grade or older this fall AND has at least one year of refereeing experience, or equivalent, is eligible to referee in the Trophy League.

What do I have to do?

  • New referee candidates have to attend training class (see below).

  • New candidates & returning referees have to attend the "Updates, Review & Test" class every year and pass the written test (see below).

  • New candidates and returning referees must complete one of the following registration forms each year and email it to or USPS mail it per the instructions on the form

  • Referee Registration Form (Adobe pdf)   
  • Referee Registration Form (Word doc)
  • Effective 2013, all referees must be compliant with the Archdiocese.  All adults (18 and over, no longer attending school or university studies):
  1. Must have attended a Protecting God's Children Workshop (Parish has records of attendees, if not sure you attended previously)
  2. Completed a Code of Ethical Conduct form  (PDF)
  3. Completed a Worker Screening Form (Word)  (PDF)
  4. Completed a Worker Registration Form (Word)  (PDF)
  • Students (18 and under) still attending High School or University Studies must complete the following:
  1. Code of Ethical Conduct for Youth (Word)  (PDF)


2013 SAR Referee Contact List



Contact List (PDF) 


Contact List (Excel)



2013 Referee Schedule





When/Where is the 2013 referee training?

  • MID JULY SESSION - at St. Alban Roe, in Alban Hall, church basement, 2001 Shepard Rd (off Hwy 109)                                                                                      
  • EARLY AUGUST SESSION - at Holy Infant Parish, church basement, 627 Dennison Drive
  • MID AUGUST SESSION - at St. Joseph's Manchester, new gym, 567 St. Joseph Lane
  • LATE AUGUST SESSION - at St. Monica, parish basement, 12132 Olive Blvd.


  • Course attendance and testing                                             
  • If you are a new referee candidate, you must attend one of the sessions and pass the referee test. Class fees are shown below. 

  • Returning Trophy League referees who have previously attended the class and passed the referee test, need to attend only the review & test session and receive a passing grade on the test in order to referee in the upcoming Trophy League. They may take the entire training session again, if so desired.

  • If you plan to be a referee this year, you must fill-out and turn-in a Registration Form (see the "What Do I Have To Do?" section above).


  • The 2013 St. Alban Roe Soccer Referee Directors


  • Greg Hepper (c 636-288-0233)
  • Paul McGeehan (c 314-378-9412)
  • Class Fees
  • St. Alban Roe Soccer Program will pay for your training, provided you attend all the required classes AND pass the test AND referee at least 5 games for St. Alban Roe.


  • Referee Responsibilities (prior to the game)
  • Keep Referee Coordinators up-to-date with your Unavailability Info (dates & time ranges). Email all updates to Always begin with your name (e.g. Hanna Smith is unavailble on Sat Sept 14th from 11:00am till 1:30 pm).

  • Regularly go to this Referee's webpage and check for latest schedule releases (Week #1, Week #2, etc.) and find your assignments. Schedules will usually be posted by the Tuesday before, but may be posted as late as the Wednesday before.

  • Check the website for assignments, even on weekends when your unavailable, to make sure you did not get scheduled accidentally.

  • Referee Responsibilities (Game Day)
  • Arrive for your assignments 30 minutes prior to scheduled start

  • Arrive looking professional wearing all your referee uniform (black jersey w/white pinstripes, black shorts, black socks). Avoid wearing sneakers or tennis shoes. Wear layers during cold weather. Try to wear your referee jersey on the outside when possible. Okay to wear black or dark sweatpants when cold.

  • Bring pen, pencil, CYC Rulebook, paper, whistles, red/yellow cards, watch, and coin

  • Be polite & respectful, but do not tolerate any abuse.

  • You are in charge...before, during, and after the game.

  • When refereeing with a partner, alway use the diagonal system and do NOT go deep into your partner's end of the field.

  • Referee Responsibilities (conflicts after schedule has been posted)
  • Contact a Referee Director immediately to let them know of the conflict. You can do this by email up till Thursday at noon. Any notifications after 12:00pm noon Thursday must be a telephone call to one of the Referee Directors.

  • If this conflict was due to a mistake made by the Scheduler, the Referee Coordinators will take care of getting a replacement.

  • If you did not email the U-box one or more weeks in advance of the schedule being posted to the website, then you are responsible for finding a replacement who is your age or older. When you first notify a Referee Director of your conflict, it is very likely that they will have some good leads for you.

  • 2013 Referee Payscale:

  • K thru 1st..........$15 per referee
  • 2nd ..................$18 per referee
  • 3rd and 4th.......$20 per referee
  • 5th thru 6th.......$26 per referee
  • 7th thru 12th.....$30 per referee



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